Lecture: Prof. Thomas Lewis (Brown University): On Religion and Nationalism: Hegel and the Bulwarks of Political Order.

You are kindly invited to the lecture given by Prof. Thomas Lewis (Brown University): On Religion and Nationalism: Hegel and the Bulwarks of Political Order. The lecture will be held on December 17, 17:30, Faculty of Arts (Charles University), nám. Jana Palacha 2, room no. 225V.

Poster: here.


Across multiple contexts, recent years have witnessed a remarkable and—to many—surprising rise in nationalism. These nationalist movements often explicitly invoke religious identities and draw vital support from particular religious communities. This talk elaborates G. W. F. Hegel’s contributions to analyzing these aspects of our present moment. Focusing on Hegel’s mature work, it examines Hegel’s account of the importance of social cohesion, the role he attributes to habits in supporting social institutions, and his analysis of religion as instilling and sustaining a group’s conception of itself.